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I Should Have Known That! Trivia Game - No Smartphones Allowed!

I Should Have Known That! Trivia Game - No Smartphones Allowed!

I Should Have Known That! Trivia Game - No Smartphones Allowed!

Back in the good old days before smartphones turned the entire population into screen staring, brainless zombies that need to look almost everything up online, people used to know things. Even if they didn't, fact checking every single word anyone said wasn't a thing. It was a glorious time. Well, now anyone can relive these normal days with this cool new I Should Have Known That! Trivia Game.

To play, somehow convince others to put down their smartphones, power off their laptops, mute all their talking smart speakers, and remind them to don't even think of looking down at their smart watches or other smart wearables, because this trivia game will force them to answer a variety of very simple questions that everyone should know, without any outside help. For every question a player gets wrong, points are subtracted and the winner is the one with any points left. In this day and age, I'm guessing that it will be a very close game all the way to the end.

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  • Time for you and your friends to shut down that search engine and find out what you really know
  • More than 400 questions on movies, pop culture, and recent eventsā€”things you should know all about, right?
  • Points are subtracted for every incorrect answer
  • Example 1: does the Statue of Liberty hold her torch in the left or right hand?
  • Example 2: Is starboard on the left or right side of a boat?
  • Example 3: How do you say Japan in Japanese?
  • Example 4: What is the character limit for Tweets on Twitter?
  • Example 5: How long did Sleeping Beauty actually sleep?
  • Ages 14+
  • 110 cards
  • Size: 6" L x 6" W x 2" H

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