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Sobro - Smart Coffee Table w/ Fridge, Speakers, LED Lights, and Charging Ports

Sobro - Smart Coffee Table w/ Fridge, Speakers, LED Lights, and Charging Ports

Not since cupholders first showed up in automobiles has there been a more needed innovation in human comfort than a coffee table with a built-in refrigerator. With this cool new Sobro Coffee Table, you'll wonder how the human race ever survived this long having to endlessly get up from the sofa to grab another cold one from the fridge and then walk all the way back to sit down.

This sleek and high tech smart coffee table not only has a convenient built-in refrigerated drawer that can hold up to 32 cans of your favorite beverage, it also has built-in Bluetooth speakers, color-changing LED lighting underneath, 2 USB charging outlets for all your smart devices, 4 power outlets, 2 regular storage drawers, and a touch control panel integrated into a tough tempered glass tabletop - no need for a coaster. Hmm, hopefully in future versions they'll add wireless charging, a freezer, microwave, and Alexa. Check out this VIDEO to witness the future of coffee tables, available today... in 3 finishes.


  • Built-in refrigerator drawer holds up to 32 cans of beer
  • Bluetooth Speakers on each side of the coffee table deliver enhanced sound and bass
  • Touch Control Panel is built seamlessly into the glass top
  • LED lights on the underside of the Sobro coffee table make for amazing ambience
  • Tempered glass top - you’ll never need a coaster again
  • 2 USB Charging Ports and 4 Power Outlets - keep devices nearby and fully powered
  • 2 Storage Drawers
  • Available in 3 Finishes
  • Weight: 100 lbs

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