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Worx ZipSnip - Cordless Cutting Tool / Electric Scissors

Worx ZipSnip - Cordless Cutting Tool / Electric Scissors

Worx ZipSnip - Cordless Cutting Tool / Electric Scissors

From impossible to open plastic packing to breaking down endless cardboard boxes from online orders, there needs to be something much more powerful in the 21st century than the typical pair of weak scissors that just aren't cutting it anymore. The solution is this cool new Worx ZipSnip. This compact yet powerful 4V MaxLithium cordless cutting tool / electric scissors handles jobs that ordinary scissors can't and can hold a charge for up to several months at a time. Not only can it quickly cut through thick cardboard, rubber, annoying clamshell plastic packaging, fertilizer / pet food / seed bags, foam-core, carpeting, wrapping paper, and much, much more, it does it with a straight precision cut using a self-sharpening blade. Great for wrapping presents or just opening them up.

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  • Cuts through a variety of materials – handles jobs scissors and knives just can't
  • Use on thick cardboard, rubber, clamshell plastic packaging, fertilizer/seed bags, foam-core, wrapping paper, and more
  • 4V MaxLithium battery holds a charge for several months
  • Self-sharpening blade ensures a precise cut every time
  • Lock-out switch works in conjunction with trigger for added safety
  • Status indicator lets you know when the battery is fully charged
  • Soft grip handle for maximum comfort
  • Lightweight for easy control (only 1 lb)

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