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Space Candle - Smells Like Outer Space

Space Candle - Smells Like Outer Space

According to astronauts, outer space apparently has a distinctive scent and based on their descriptions over the years of returning from space walks, removing their helmets, and getting a strong whiff of it off their spacesuit, it can now finally be shared down here on Earth when you burn this cool new Space Candle from Cool Material. This out of this world soy wax candle is designed to smell like outer space. They don't give much of a description of what the candle actually smells like, but a little research of my own turned up that astronauts claim it smells like everything from seared meat to welding fumes to sweet metallic to ozone. So I imagine this candle smells something like a combination of that. Hmm, hopefully they never make a Uranus scented candle...🙄

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