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Renegade Broom - Curved Bristle Pull Broom

Renegade Broom - Curved Bristle Pull Broom

Renegade Broom - Curved Bristle Pull Broom


Traditional push brooms tend to bounce over surfaces leaving dirt, dust, and debris behind, but this cool new Renegade Broom is an innovative pull broom with curved bristles that is pulled in like a rake to ensure more surface contact, especially on uneven surfaces. It's perfect for sweeping up rocks, mulch, dirt, debris, wet leaves, grass, pine needles, drywall dust, and snow with ease and is effective when sweeping across surfaces such as concrete, bricks, decking, carpet, cracks, the back of a truck, and even out on the lawn. It features a convenient adjustable telescopic handle to match your height, arched bristles that will not flatten, fray, or bend like push brooms, and it comes in two widths. Check out this VIDEO to see it in action.

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  • Curved bristle outdoor pull broom
  • Arched bristle technology allows you to get more surface contact picking up dirt, dust, and debris
  • Used as a pull broom, not as a push broom
  • Pull dirt and debris toward you like a rake rather than pushing it away
  • Works on concrete, bricks, decking, carpet, back of trucks, stones, and even grass
  • Perfect for uneven surfaces
  • Curved bristles flex and get into cracks
  • Traditional outdoor push broom are bulky and hard to use and bounce over the surface leaving dirt and debris behind
  • Adjustable telescopic handle allows you to adjust it to your perfect height
  • Makes short work of snow, wet leaves, grass, dirt, pine needles, mulch, drywall dust, and more
  • Won't flatten, fray or bend like a traditional broom, making it long lasting and durable
  • Two Sizes: 18" or 14" W

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