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Opal Nugget Ice Maker - Makes Soft Chewable Crunchy Ice Cubes

Opal Nugget Ice Maker - Makes Soft Chewable Crunchy Ice Cubes

I'm sure in your lifetime you've come across that really good chewy ice in your soda and wondered how you could make it at home. Well, most nugget ice machines are large and usually a couple of grand to buy, but now there is a much more affordable and space-saving way to make it at home with this cool new Opal Nugget Ice Maker. This compact and highly portable ice maker produces up to 1 lb of those incredible soft, chewable, and crunchy ice nuggets per hour right on your countertop. It features an air-insulated bucket that can hold up to 3 lbs of ice, includes a fill level sensor that turns it off when full, and uses Bluetooth to connect to a free app that lets you schedule when it should automatically make more. It's perfect for any home or office break room that craves this kind of ice in their beverages and is compact enough to take it with you on the go so you're never far from getting the good ice.


  • Makes the chewable, crunchable, flavor-saving soft nugget ice you love
  • Much more affordable than expensive traditional nugget ice makers
  • 15 minutes to make the first nugget
  • Produces up to 1 lb of ice per hour
  • Capacity: Holds up to 2.5 quarts (3 lbs) of ice
  • Compact, portable countertop design
  • Air-insulated bucket
  • Equipped with a sensor that will identify the fill level of the bucket to turn the ice maker on and off
  • Bluetooth - Schedule your ice making schedule from the convenience of the FirstBuild app
  • Not intended for commercial use

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