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ShooAway - Chemical-Free Tabletop Fly Repellent

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ShooAway - Chemical-Free Tabletop Fly Repellent

If you're tired of shooing away annoying flies from your food and drinks every time you try to to enjoy the outdoors on your patio, then check out the cool new ShooAway. This innovative chemical-free fly repellent, is a fan-like device that spins soft flexible blades that are covered in holographmatic dots that affect a fly's vision and keeps them away. The blades are safe around kids and pets since they come to a soft stop when blocked and no noxious bug sprays or chemicals are needed. It even works to drive away pesky bees and wasps too. Check out this video to see it in action.


  • Battery-operated tabletop device that keeps flies away from your food and drink
  • Chemical-free fly repellent uses soft rotating blades with holographmatic dots that affects a fly's vision and keeps them away
  • Soft flexible blades come to a soft stop if something blocks the blades
  • Does not use any harmful chemicals, so is safe for use around food, drink, children, and pets

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