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Lekue Cookie Shot Glass Molds

Lekue Cookie Shot Glass Molds

Lekue Cookie Shot Glass Molds

These cool new Lekue Cookie Shot Glass Molds are 100% platinum silicone molds that transform cookie dough into cookie glasses that can be filled with milk, mousses, fruit, chocolate, and other assorted tasty fillings. They come in a set of eight. Hmm, I bet these could be used to mold and shape other things too like chocolate shot glasses, ice shot glasses, candy shot glasses, gelatin shot glasses, etc. Very cool.

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  • Make cookies in a glass shape
  • Glass-shaped cookies allow endless fillings. Fruit, mousses, milk chocolate are just a few examples
  • 8 individual molds perfect for making glass shaped cookies
  • 100% platinum silicone mold: platinum silicone is very hygienic and is dishwasher-friendly

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