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Inflatable Shark Buffet Cooler

Inflatable Shark Buffet Cooler

Inflatable Shark Buffet Cooler

You're going to need a bigger table when you serve up chilled drinks and food inside this cool new Inflatable Shark Buffet Cooler. This fun inflatable tabletop cooler has a giant shark fin sticking up from the center to make it seems as if a great white is circling through a sea of ice, bottles, cans, and food. Perfect for any tropical themed party or backyard summer BBQ or just while entertaining guests while watching JAWS or Shark Week on television.


  • Use this inflatable shark buffet cooler at the buffet table for a Luau or Under the Sea party
  • Printed with images of waves and there is a shark fin in the center of the cooler
  • Put ice in the buffet cooler and add in drinks and foods to keep them cold
  • Made of plastic
  • Size: 28" W x 4' 5.75" L

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