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Guzzle Buddy - Turns a Wine Bottle Into a Wine Glass + Aerates

Guzzle Buddy - Turns a Wine Bottle Into a Wine Glass + Aerates

Guzzle Buddy - Turns a Wine Bottle Into a Wine Glass + Aerates

Drinking wine straight from the bottle tends to look quite unsophisticated, plus you'll be missing out on the flavor and aroma enhancing that aeration provides. There's a solution. The cool new Guzzle Buddy turns any wine, beer, soda, or champagne bottle into an extra large glass that also aerates while you pour. Simply remove the cork or cap, screw it into the neck of the bottle, tilt, and drink. It features a built-in aerator, a 100% silicone sleeve to form a spill-proof seal, and is crafted from high quality borosilicate glass that is lead- and BPA-free. Best of all, one bottle is now basically only one glass and it makes a perfect gift for wine lovers.

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  • Turns a wine bottle into your oversized XL wine glass
  • Fits in red and white wine, beer, soda, hard cider, and champagne bottles as well
  • Now you can drink from the bottle without those looks of judgement
  • Aerate, Pour and Drink in one easy step
  • Simply remove the cork and gently screw it into your favorite bottle of wine
  • Gently aerates the wine enhancing the aroma and flavor
  • Unique self tapping design
  • Made from high borosilicate glass - BPA- and Lead-Free
  • Capacity: 480 ml to the rim
  • 100% silicone sleeve provides a tight seal, with no spills or mess
  • Freezer safe to -20 Celsius or -4 Fahrenheit
  • Hand Washing Recommended

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