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Breed Retreat Luxury Hen House

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Breed Retreat Luxury Hen House

Love raising backyard chickens? Wish you didn't have to look at that typical eyesore of a chicken coop? Then check out this cool new Breed Retreat - Luxury Hen House from Dutch designer Frederik Roije. This modern architectural hen house has multiple levels and sections for chickens to retreat, lay eggs, and live the relaxing life of luxury. It costs around $5,900, so hopefully they'll be inspired to lay a few golden eggs for you to help pay for such a stylish residence.


  • Designer: Frederik Roije
  • Architectural hen house designed for chickens to do exactly that - breed and to retreat
  • Material: Wood finished with Durable Coating
  • Origin: Netherlands
  • Medium Size: 75" W x 71" H x 55" D
  • Large Size: 102" W x 71" H x 102" D

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