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Ice Mold Bottle Chiller

Ice Mold Bottle Chiller

Ice Mold Bottle Chiller

At your next dinner party, soiree, or whatever, put a bottle of your finest wine on display in dramatic fashion with this cool new Final Touch Ice Mold Bottle Chiller. This innovative mold entombs a bottle in ice to help keep it properly chilled while also transforming it into a decorative centerpiece. It can even be used to hold a candle in the center to contrast fire with ice. After freezing water in the mold for 24 hours, just set the ice into the stainless steel melted water basin, and it should last up to 6 hours as a bottle chiller or 4 hours as a candle holder. Perfect for any summer party, the holidays, or just anytime.

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  • Chill your favorite beverages and decorate any space
  • Create custom designed chunks of ice in the ice mold
  • Simply fill the mold with water and let it freeze for 24 hours
  • Stainless steel basin and clear mold
  • Basin collects the water as the ice melts
  • Lasts 6 hours as bottle chiller or 4 hours as a candle holder
  • Freezer safe
  • Size: 6.33" Diameter x 7" H

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