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Thumb Watering Can

Thumb Watering Can

Thumb Watering Can

The cool new Thumb Waterer is a unique ceramic watering can that releases water from its base like a gentle rain shower only when you release your thumb from the top opening. Simply fill the vessel by dipping it into water, place your thumb over the top hole to complete the vacuum, hold over your thirsty flowers and plants, and then lift your thumb to release the water through the small holes on the bottom. Hmm, when not watering plants,it might be a fun bathtub toy as well.

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  • Designers: Jo-Anne and Gerald Warren
  • Spreads the water pressure out like a shower head through a number of small holes in its base
  • Water stays inside by placing your thumb over the top opening
  • Creates a vacuum that holds its contents in place
  • Release your thumb and watch the water sprinkle onto your plants
  • Materials: Clay, Earthenware, Glaze
  • Each is unique and will vary
  • Handmade in Canada
  • Size: 6" H x 4.5" Diameter

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