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Lockpick School in a Box

Lockpick School in a Box

Lockpick School in a Box

Want to hone your skills as a locksmith, learn how to get back into your house after getting locked out, or train to become a notorious cat burglar? Then master pin-tumbler lockpicking techniques using this cool new Lockpick School in a Box. This set includes everything you need to learn how to pick locks like a professional, good or bad. On the wooden stand are five isolated lock cylinders with the first one having a single pin, the second having two pins, etc. on up giving you progressive levels of difficulty. To pick the locks, the set includes a handy instruction book, 4 lock picks, 1 tension tool, and a key. It would make a unique gift and it could even pay for itself, if you know what I mean. Actually, please pick locks responsibly and only if the laws in your state authorize you to possess lockpicking tools.

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