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Wine Bottle Condoms

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Wine Bottle Condoms

Protect your wine and keep it from spilling when you slip one of these cool new Wine Condoms over the end of the bottle. Go ahead and snicker, but these clever individually foil-wrapped wine condoms made from 100% tuxedo black rubber snugly roll over the opening of any bottle from standard or magnum-sized wine bottles to beer and liquor bottles as well to form a water and air-tight. They come in a pack of 10 and are claimed to b be 99.9% effective at preventing unplanned wine spillages in the fridge. Hmm, yeah go ahead and snicker.


  • Pack includes 10 individually foil-wrapped wine condoms
  • 99.9% effective at preventing unplanned wine spillages
  • Shrink-to-fit technology creates a water-tight seal on any bottle
  • Doesn't add any extra height - no more cramming wine in the fridge
  • Works just as well on beer and spirit bottles too
  • Slips easily into a pocket or wallet
  • Resembles regular condom packaging
  • Each comes package comes with a resealable pouch
  • Classy Tuxedo Black color
  • Made from 100% rubber

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