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Indiana Jones Style Cat Rope Bridge

Indiana Jones Style Cat Rope Bridge

Indiana Jones Style Cat Rope Bridge

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Your pampered cat might not appreciate how cool it is run across this Cat Rope Bridge, but any Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom fan will. This rickety rope bridge inspired from the movies has been miniaturized down in scale for adventurous felines to play, cross, or snooze upon. The bridge itself is handmade from solid pine with a hand-woven twine railing to lessen the swing and it all hangs from hand-carved posts on on standing platforms on each side. I think I'm kinda jealous, because I want a full size rope bridge to run across now.



  • Handmade to order
  • The bridge is made out of solid pine
  • Railing is hand-woven twine to lessen the swing and give the cats the ability to lounge on the bridge
  • Posts are carved by hand and reinforced into place with metal brackets
  • Bridge slats are 8.75" wide and roped together
  • Materials: wood, twine, rope, pine

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