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Eva Solo Aquastar Watering Can

Eva Solo Aquastar Watering Can

Eva Solo Aquastar Watering Can

The problem with most watering cans is that they take up entirely too much space with their awkward design. The solution is this cool new Eva Solo Aquastar Watering Can. This sleek and minimal watering can is not only gorgeously designed, as far as watering cans go, it also takes up much less space when stored because the spout points straight up. After watering your various plants indoors and out, there's no real need to hide this can away. Just leave it out in the open and let its gorgeous Danish design be enjoyed by all.

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  • Pointed spout provides a uniform stream of water to indoor and outdoor potted plants
  • Minimalist designed watering-can is designed to be stored indoors when not in use
  • Plastic watering can with removable plastic chrome spout
  • Capacity: 2 liter (2.1 quart)
  • Made in Denmark

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