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Log Teepee Campfire Grate

Log Teepee Campfire Grate

Log Teepee Campfire Grate

Wherever there's a campfire or fire pit, there's always a "genius" who knows how to start the fire. Eventually, after a million excuses, the fire sort of starts and that's when the endless poking and prodding of the logs begins, which of course usually restarts the entire process. The solution is oxygen, dry wood, fire, and this cool new Log Teepee Campfire Grate.

This ingenious fire pit rack lets logs lay upright in the proper teepee style allowing plenty of airflow to feed the flames from the bottom up. As the logs burn down, just keep laying more against the grate. Once you get the fire going, it even doubles as a grilling grate holder for a little outdoor cooking. Makes sense to me.

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