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Lawn Lights - Illuminated Lawn Decor

Lawn Lights - Illuminated Lawn Decor

Lawn Lights - Illuminated Lawn Decor

If you've decorated every last square inch of your home for Christmas, inside and out, and feel like you haven't done enough to personally illuminate your entire neighborhood with total overblown holiday spirit, then the next step is to light up the lawn itself. Just roll out these cool new Lawn Lights across your yard, stake down the individual LED lights and in no time, you'll have an extraordinarily unique holiday lighting display unlike all others. They get even cooler when there's just enough snow on the ground to cover them and they create soft glowing spots across the landscape. It's definitely going to be a new decorative trend that your neighbors will surely appreciate.


  • QUICK - Generate a unique lighting display in only 15 - 20 minutes
  • EASY - No tools, ladders, staples, or extension cords to struggle with
  • ECONOMICAL - Roughly $20 - $30 per 1000 square feet of coverage
  • ATTRACTIVE - Virtually invisible during the day and brilliant at night
  • EFFORTLESS - Generates an elaborate lighting display with little effort
  • Small sets are made with 36 LEDs spaced 8 feet apart and cover 1600 to 2300 sq. ft
  • Medium/classic sets are made with 36 LEDs spaced 10 feet apart and cover 2500 to 3600 sq. ft.
  • Simply roll the string out and stake each of the 36 LEDs - that's it
  • Colors: blue, green, red, or warm white

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