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Sand Pendulum

Sand Pendulum

Sand Pendulum

Let simple physics relax your mind as you watch transfixed at this cool new Sand Pendulum in motion. Just give the pendulum a gentle push and let gravity and momentum determine the path as it swings slowly back and forth carving elliptical loops and whorls into the sand down in the pit below. Different start angles create different patterns, so this ought to keep your mind occupied as you waste away another boring day at the office. Of course, it's also a great decorative addition to the home as well.



  • The beauty of gravity and momentum
  • Start it gently swinging and watch the path the pendulum takes through the sand
  • It swings slowly back and forth into beautiful elliptical loops and whorls
  • Different start angles provide different patterns
  • Sand included
  • Size: 20" H x 9.25" W

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