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Massive 7' Gumball Machine - 14,450 Gumballs

Massive 7' Gumball Machine - 14,450 Gumballs

If you like to chew gum, the cool new Massive 7' Gumball Machine ought to keep you chewing for a lifetime. This epic gumball machine stands over seven feet tall, holds 14,450 gumballs (included), requires no coins for operation and delivers that iconic "click-clack" sound when dispensing. It's refillable, but if you can ever possibly chew through this much gum, you should really consider candy rehab.


  • 7' tall gumball machine that holds over 14,000 gumballs
  • Beaver Mechanism - classic zinc machined coin mechanism used in gumball machines since the 1960s
  • Triple chrome-plated and precisely machined to provide decades of iconic "click-clack" sound when dispensing
  • Requires no coins for operation
  • Includes 14,450 multi-flavored 1" gumballs
  • Acrylic globe is fitted with a spherical insert that keeps gumballs pressed outward and visible
  • Top of the globe unlocks and opens for easy refilling
  • Size: 85" H x 42" Diameter - 128 lbs

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