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Cat Treehouse

Cat Treehouse

Cat Treehouse

If you're looking for the ultimate in luxurious pet furniture for your overly pampered feline, the cool new Cat Treehouse is it. Unlike the typically designed carpeted cat tree columns, this unique, handcrafted cat treehouse actually places the platforms, ledges and perches up in the gnarled branches of a mature dragonwood tree that was harvested from sustainable forests in Florida and Georgia. The branches are left in their natural state with the bark and lichen still intact and features realistic silk foliage for cats to hide in and plan their attacks. At almost $800, it would probably be cheaper to buy your cat an entire tree with a full-blown treehouse in it, but maybe it will give a few of you with cats and carpentry skills some ideas.

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  • Handcrafted natural cat treehouse
  • 16-hour process that requires 100 individual cuts
  • Mature dragonwood trees harvested from sustainable forests in Florida and Georgia
  • Realistic silk foliage
  • Platforms are custom-cut to fit its unique contours
  • Trunk is wrapped in sisal cord to serve as a convenient scratching post
  • Size: 72" H x 28" W x 28" D - 80 lbs

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