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Blomus Stainless Steel Modern Doorstop

Blomus Stainless Steel Modern Doorstop

Blomus Stainless Steel Modern Doorstop

After a long winter, it's nice to open up all the windows and let in some fresh air. Unfortunately, this serene spring moment is typically shattered with the deafening slam of every single door in the house, when the breeze whips through. The solution is a good doorstop and an even better one is a doorstop with sleek, modern looks to match. Well, I've found the ultimate doorstop for taming nature's gusty fury!

The cool new Blomus Stainless Steel Modern Doorstop is pure stylish form forged with heavy-duty industrial function. Simply place this solid stainless steel doorstop on the floor in front of a door and its hefty weight and anti-scratch and anti-skid rubber sides and base work together to hold open even the heaviest of doors. Although, it's merely a doorstop, it clearly demonstrates to guests and the wind, that you don't mess around. It makes a hardcore paperweight too.

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  • Elegant but heavy door stop holds even industrial doors open
  • Made of solid stainless steel in matte finish
  • Black, non-skid rubber base and sides protect floors and doors
  • Sleek, modern German Design
  • Size: 3" H x 3.5" Diameter - 4.5 lbs

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