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Anti-Sleep Driving Alarm

Anti-Sleep Driving Alarm

Anti-Sleep Driving Alarm

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"I'm not tired. Are you kidding? I could go another hundred miles!"

- Clark W. Griswold (National Lampoon's Vacation)

Have you ever been driving without any sleep and nodding off to dreamland for a few seconds at a time, only to keep jerking awake? It's scary! It might only feel like you shut your eyes for a split second, but then you realize that you're much further down the road than you remembered, or worse, completely lost in a corn field, plowing through a crowd of people or plunging off a cliff. The smart move would be to pull over and get some much needed sleep or if you absolutely must continue on, use the cool new Anti-Sleep Driving Alarm.

Simply slip this lightweight, ergonomic alarm over your ear and if your head tilts forward more than 30 degrees, a high-pitched alarm blasts you right out from your peaceful slumber. This is the perfect gadget for tired drivers, long vacation road trips, late night studying, most jobs, church and any other situation where you need to stay awake.

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