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Waboba Water Ball- Bounces, Skips and Floats on Water

Waboba Water Ball- Bounces, Skips and Floats on Water

Are you tired of throwing around a frisbee, playing catch with a mere tennis ball or just bored floating around by yourself at the beach or pool? The Waboba Water Ball is literally the coolest new toy to hit the water in years. This amazing little ball is actually able to bounce, skip and float across the top of the water.

The Waboba Water Ball is made of polyurethane with a special Lycra coating to give it these cool special abilities. You'll really need some quick reflexes and determination to catch it and it could be a lot of fun with a group of friends. I doubt this will become a new sport or an event at the olypmpics, but it looks like a blast to play with. Check out the videos below to see the Waboba Water Bll in action!

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