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Cool Touch Oven Rack Guards

Cool Touch Oven Rack Guards

Cool Touch Oven Rack Guards

How many times have you reached carefully into a hot oven, only to accidentally touch or brush up against a screaming hot metal oven rack with your arm or hand? It's so easy to do and it happens to me all the time. I found a cool new solution to these searing oven rack burns, the Cool Touch Oven Rack Guards. Simply snap both of these Nomex® 18" fabric guards onto the outer edges of your oven racks - they fit most standard ovens. This special firefighter developed Nomex® fabric protects you by slowing heat transfer to your skin, is safe for temperatures up to 500° F and can be left attached between uses. These truly are the perfect solution for protecting yourself from those viscious burns while cooking and baking.


  • Offers real protection against accidential burns from touching or brushing against hot oven racks
  • Made from a special NOMEX® fabric first developed for firefighters
  • Protects by slowing heat transfer from hot oven racks to your skin
  • Safe for temperatures up to 500 ° F
  • Easily snaps onto standard oven racks, remains attached to oven rack between uses
  • 18" Length provides extensive coverage - Covers about 95 percent of the oven racks front rail
  • Not intended for use under the broiler, during cleaning cycles or to pull out a hot oven rack
  • Machine washable, tumble dry low
  • Receive two guards per purchase

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