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Wet Pots - Allows Plants to Water Themselves

Wet Pots - Allows Plants to Water Themselves

Wet Pots - Allows Plants to Water Themselves

Having live plants around my home and office is great. I love having a little natural greenery around, but I always forget to water them. This problem is solved with these cool new Wet Pots. These unique pots actually allow plants to water and take care of themselves. Simply fill up the glass outer pot with water and the porous clay inner pot allows the plant to absorb water as it needs it, which prevents over and under watering.



  • Allows plants to "water themselves"
  • Ensures plants receive exactly the water they need
  • No more under- or over-watering
  • Reduces watering chores
  • Water level can be monitored at a glance
  • Medium Wet Pots are sold individually
  • Herb Wet Pots are sold as a set of 3
  • Made of terra cotta and glass
  • Herb pots are 4-1/8" diameter each
  • Medium pot is 7-1/2" inner diameter

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