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Medieval Chainmail T-Shirt

Medieval Chainmail T-Shirt

Medieval Chainmail T-Shirt

There will never be a cooler t-shirt than the Medieval Chainmail T-Shirt. Yes, that's right, a real lightweight (20 pounds!) t-shirt made forged from thousands of anodized aluminum metal rings. No knight would ever leave the castle without this protective suit-of-armor undergarment and neither should you. Simply wear it underneath your regular suit to the office and you'll always be protected from a horrific stabbing near the breakroom or from the occassional flying pens and scissors. Awesome casual Friday shirt, because chainmail is definitely the new black!

Check out the video below to see how well it stands up to an attack and also check out the videos showing how real chainmail is actually made! Also let us know in the Comments if you know of any other times chainmail would be good to have on.

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