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Water Bell Fountain Chime - Copper Bowl

Water Bell Fountain Chime - Copper Bowl

Water Bell Fountain Chime - Copper Bowl

Want to relax your mind to the tranquil sounds of flowing water and soothing chimes? Need something even cooler for your desk at work? You can find this perfect indoor / outdoor harmony with the Water Bell Fountain Chime. This beautiful copper bowl fountain holds six fixed bells and two floating bells that chime when they come in contact. The water flows down from the center waterspout and helps to circulate the water. I need this, it's been a rough week.



  • Copper Bowl
  • Combines soothing aspects of fountains & wind chimes
  • Variable water flow speed controls, to suit your mood.
  • Precision tuned water bells create soothing gentle chimes.
  • For use indoors and outdoors.
  • Includes durable electric fountain pump, UL listed.

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