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Party Ice Luge - Race Your Shots Down the Icey Slopes!

Party Ice Luge - Race Your Shots Down the Icey Slopes!

Anyone ever try out a shot luge or similar icy contraption at your local frat house, bar or club? It's basically a giant ice block that has carved out luge trails, like in the Winter Olympics, that carry a potent shot of something deliciously alcoholic from the top of the slope down to your waiting shot glass or mouth. It's cool, but not really so easy to make unless you order a massive ice block and carve out the trail yourself.

Well, now you can bring that same icy excitement home, but with a more manageable, yet just as fun smaller version called the Party Ice Luge. Just fill the plastic mold with water, freeze for 24 hours, pop out the newly formed ice mold, flip over and place on top of the base, and proceed to race your shots down the slopes.

Sounds fun and I bet could be even more interesting if you raced the alcohol down one slope and the chaser down the other. Try catching the two in the Quaffer - The Ultimate Shot/Chaser Glass for extra points!


  • Party drink luge makes a wild conversation starter
  • Durable clear plastic mold with base
  • Mold fills with water, requires 24-hour freeze time before use
  • Shots poured at top of luge chill as they travel down chutes
  • Size: 17" x 14.5"

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