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Big Moai Tissue Dispenser

Big Moai Tissue Dispenser

Big Moai Tissue Dispenser

I love my Tiki Head Tissue Box on my desk here at Green head HQ, but I found an even better version of it called the Big Moai Tissue Dispenser. Mine is hard to stand up and it always tips over when I try to pull a tissue from its nostrils. This new version is built to stand up and looks much more like an actual Moai statue from Easter island, except this one has tissues coming out its nose. These tissue boxes will make you laugh every time you get a cold and always gets a funny reaction from guests.



  • The silly yet statuesque tissue holder that will get all nose blowers giggling.
  • A Big Maoi head and shoulders hewn from hefty resin.
  • Holds a regular sized rectangular tissue box that inserts into the back of the face.
  • Tissues are pulled through and splay through the mammoth nostril.
  • Suitable for ages 12 years+.
  • Size: 34 x 15 x 14cm.

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