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WobbleLight - Self-Righting Work Light

WobbleLight - Self-Righting Work Light

WobbleLight - Self-Righting Work Light

I guess I really like extremely bright shiny things. I absolutely love my 15 Million Candlepower Flashlight. If you ever need a flashlight/spotlight with no nonsense super illumination, there's nothing better in my opinion. However, I have now found a light called the WobbleLight - Self-Righting Work Light that can nearly light up my entire backyard with 360 degrees of illumination. It's rugged enough for commercial construction & heavy industry and has a cool self-righting "wobble" design. The WL400MH WobbleLight (they also offer less intense versions) uses a 400 Watt Metal Halide bulb to produce 40000 lumens which is equal to around 31 100W Bulbs and illuminates an area 78-110 feet in diameter or if you have more than one you can string them together. Although it's meant for a workload tougher than anything you will ever need it for, it's still perfect for nearly lighting up a backyard for summer parties, night sports, and any other uses for when you truly need to light up the night to get something done.

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  • Illuminates an area 78-110 feet
  • No set-up required and can string several together
  • Self-Righting work light; knock it over, it bounces back.
  • Floating shock system protects bulb
  • Fan Cooled and ventilated, will not burn
  • Tough Polycarbonate dome and durable polymer housing
  • 40000 lumens = to 31 100W Bulbs
  • 3.6 amps (110V), 28 lbs, 36" tall, 18" wide

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