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Zombie Plant Growing Kit

Zombie Plant Growing Kit

Zombie Plant Growing Kit

The war between plants and zombies just got complicated. This cool new Zombie Plant Growing Kit lets you grow spooky Mimosa Pudica AKA Sensitive Plants, that play dead by closing up their leaves and drooping their branches when touched, but then rise up again from their potted graves each night. Luckily they like sunlight and water, so you won't need to procure any brains to feed them. Check out the video below to see them in action.



  • Plant appears to die and then come back to life when you touch it - Its leaves close, branches droop, and then eventually comes back to life
  • Kit includes 6 starter soil pellets and 10-20 seeds
  • Sprouts in a few days, leaves within a week, and pink, puffy flowers in the spring
  • Kit comes with plastic growing container (made from recycled plastic), 6 seed-starter soil discs (made from recycled coconut shells), one pack of Zombie Plant Seeds (10-20 Mimosa pudica seeds), and growing instructions

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