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Airlight - Screw In Lighted Ceiling Fan

Airlight - Screw In Lighted Ceiling Fan

Airlight - Screw In Lighted Ceiling Fan

Need a ceiling fan and a light, but don't want to deal with the hassle and danger of wiring one in? Then simply screw this cool new Airlight directly into a standard light socket. Done. It features variable fan speeds, plenty of illumination, and a handy remote that controls it all. A brilliant and inventive solution, but if you need to install a light socket just to screw this into, then unfortunately you'll still have the same problem.

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  • Dual function light and ceiling fan in one simple package
  • Lighted ceiling fan that screws directly into a light socket
  • First ceiling fan you can actually place yourself
  • Variable fan speeds for maximum comfort
  • Remote controls light intensity and fan speed

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