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Living Succulent Wreath

Living Succulent Wreath

Living Succulent Wreath

Wreaths aren't just for the Winter months. For Spring and Summer, check out this cool new Living Succulent Wreath. This handmade wreath features assorted sedum and sempervivum living succulents artistically placed into a moss-filled frame. Unlike the Winter evergreen wreaths that just dry up, fall apart and die, these wreaths continue to live, thrive, and grow in full sun and warm conditions with a nice soak from time to time. A very unique and decorative alternative.


  • Handmade, living succulent wreath featuring assorted sedum and sempervivum
  • Each plant is artistically placed into a moss-filled wreath frame
  • Wreaths are living and will continue to grow and fill out over time
  • Wreath thrives in full sun and warm conditions
  • Soak regularly
  • care instructions included
  • Size: 14" Diameter

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