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Lifesize Bigfoot Statue

Lifesize Bigfoot Statue

Lifesize Bigfoot Statue

The search for the mysterious Bigfoot is over. Now you can take pictures and capture all the grainy footage you want when you give this cool new Lifesize Bigfoot Statue a home in your yard. This monstrous 6 foot Sasquatch statue is highly detailed and realistically hand-painted, well as realistic as a mythical creature can be, and weighs in around 150 lbs. A cool decorative landscape accent for those who believe in this reclusive creature or could be used for some interesting practical jokes around the neighborhood.



  • The mythical giant Bigfoot in a breathtaking life-size 6-foot quality designer resin statue
  • Hand-painted for startling Sasquatch realism
  • Size: 45" W x 38" D x 72" H - 147 lbs

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