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Krypt Silver Jigsaw Puzzle

Krypt Silver Jigsaw Puzzle

Krypt Silver Jigsaw Puzzle

The cool new Krypt Jigsaw Puzzle is not your ordinary everyday jigsaw puzzle of a barn, flowers or a cat playing with yarn - it's brutally difficult, challenging, and even fun. This sinister circle puzzle inside a rectangle puzzle by Ravensburger features 654 unique and unusual pieces that are totally blank and silver. No two pieces are alike, each has a perfect interlocking fit and all are made from extra-thick cardboard, combined with fine, linen-structured and glare-free paper. Not only does finishing a puzzle like this feel great when you click the last piece into place, you'll be exercising your mind as well and we all could use a little more of that lately.



  • Made by Ravensburger, the world's greatest puzzle brand
  • Blank puzzle with round center and square edges for a brain-busting challenge
  • 654 silver pieces - no two pieces are alike!
  • Extra thick cardboard combined with fine, linen-structured paper for a glare-free finish
  • Cutting tools are crafted by hand to guarantee a perfect interlocking fit
  • Size: 38.75" x 15"

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