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Vegtrug - Patio Garden

Vegtrug - Patio Garden

Vegtrug - Patio Garden

If you don't have the space for a full garden or you just want to avoid toiling down on your knees tending to one, then check out this cool new Vegtrug - Patio Garden. This stylish, space-saving garden planter is the perfect size for growing vegetables, herbs and flowers right on your patio. It features an elevated, V-shaped growing bed that holds up to 380 quarts of container mix and is designed to easily grow deep-rooted plants like tomatoes in the center and shallow-rooted crops along the edges. It's built to last of solid wood and includes a fitted fabric liner that keeps soil contained while letting excess water drain, a reinforced polyethylene greenhouse cover with heavy-duty stitching and zippers for easy access and ventilation and a polyethylene micro-mesh insect cover that protects plants from insects, birds, harsh winds and hungry deer as well. A great solution for space-limited green thumbs.



  • Garden at an easy working height - no bending or kneeling to plant, tend and harvest
  • Elevated bed means no weeds and fewer pests
  • Set includes the Vegtrug Patio Garden, the Vegtrug Frame & Greenhouse Cover and the Vegtrug Insect Cover
  • Holds 380 quarts of container mix
  • V-shape makes efficient use of space and planting mix
  • Grow deep-rooted plants like tomatoes in the center, shallow-rooted crops along the edges
  • Fitted fabric liner to keep soil contained while letting excess water drain
  • Reinforced polyethylene greenhouse cover has heavy-duty stitching and zippers
  • Zips open for ventilation and easy access to crops
  • Built to last of solid wood, with dovetail joints and a food-safe finish
  • FSC-certified, sustainable, plantation-grown fir with non-toxic stain
  • Plastic feet, fabric liner; polyethylene covers
  • Size: 70" L x 30" W x 31.5" H

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