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Cool Down Doggie Misting Leash

Cool Down Doggie Misting Leash

Cool Down Doggie Misting Leash

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The cool new Cool Down Doggie Misting Leash is an innovative leash with an ultra-fine misting sprayer built-in to help cool down your dog in the hot, sweltering summer heat. This 5 foot leash features a refillable 10 oz. water bottle, trigger control for pump or continuous spray, and a comfortable grip. A literally refreshing solution for dogs.



  • Ultra-fine misting spray gently cools your pet
  • Refillable 10 oz. water bottle
  • Easy Pump Action
  • Easy to clean misting head
  • Trigger control with continuous spray feature
  • 5 ft. leash with universal collar hook
  • Comfort grip
  • Easy to store

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