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SUV Cargo Sock

SUV Cargo Sock

SUV Cargo Sock

The cool new Cargo Sock transforms the cargo area of most SUVs into a mess-free zone for hauling wet mulch, soil, rocks, logs or anything else you normally wouldn't want back there. This easy to install rugged liner protects the entire cargo area from top to bottom with high grade, lightweight and waterproof vinyl-coated nylon, essentially letting you use your SUV to haul materials like a pick-up truck. A great solution that pays for itself in saved delivery charges.


  • Maximum protection for your SUV's cargo area
  • Rugged liner protects your cargo area from top to bottom
  • Thick, vinyl-coated nylon and waterproof, welded seams
  • Keeps even the messiest loads under control
  • Easy to install, store and remove
  • Available in three sizes to fit almost every SUV on the market

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