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Domsai Terrariums

Domsai Terrariums
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Domsai Terrariums

Check out these really cool new Domsai Terrariums from designer Matteo Cibic. These fascinating ceramic desktop terrariums will have you daydreaming all day at work about a society of spacesuit-wearing plant people in no time at all. Just pop in a plant under the hand-blown glass dome, add a little water, provide some loving sunshine and feel free to chat away the day with your strange new plant pal. It's weird, but just adding legs to a mere cactus seems to makes it instantly interesting and relatable. I wonder what it's thinking about? I bet it wishes those legs could help it escape! Hmm, it's kind of cruel to tease an office plant with faux mobile freedom... Is it looking at me?! ... I think it's trying to hypnotize me! OMG!


  • Designer: Matteo Cibic
  • Unique handmade desk terrariums
  • Just add a plant, a bit of water and sunlight
  • Materials: ceramic and hand blown glass
  • Handcrafted in Italy
  • Size: 11" H

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