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Spaghetti Measure

Spaghetti Measure

Spaghetti Measure

When you cook spaghetti, do you just eyeball it, grab a huge handful and toss it in the boiling water? Well, I love an extra-generous portion as much as anyone, but maybe for the sake of my expanding waistline, I should use this cool new Spaghetti Measure from Joseph Joseph. This innovative portion control tool easily measures out spaghetti for 1-4 servings in half-portion increments. Just slide the lever on the side of the disc to adjust the number of servings and like the iris in a camera's shutter, the aperture in the center automatically opens or closes to the correct portion size. A simple and compact solution that takes out the guess work, but it won't stop you from going back for seconds, thirds...



  • Adjustable iris-style aperture
  • Portions out between 1 to 4 portions in half-portion increments
  • Dishwasher safe
  • High-quality polypropylene construction

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