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Flower Pot Safes

Flower Pot Safes

Flower Pot Safes

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If you need to stash away valuables like money, credit cards, jewelry and more, don't hide them where they'll easily be found by burglars, hide them in plain sight with a diversion safe like this cool new Flower Pot Safe. This clever safe is a real flower pot with a secret compartment inside. Simply unscrew the water tray, hide your goods, plant a flower or some herbs and rest assured that no thief will ever think to check in a inconspicuous flower pot. Just hope that nobody is stealing flower pots!


  • Water tray unscrews revealing the secret compartment
  • Keep money, credit cards, jewelry and more hidden
  • Specially designed to keep out dirt and moisture
  • Decorate with real or artificial plant
  • Assorted colors
  • Size: 16 oz

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