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Tri-Link Motion Alarm System For Cubicle Defense

Tri-Link Motion Alarm System For Cubicle Defense

Tri-Link Motion Alarm System For Cubicle Defense

The cool new Tri-Link Alarm System is a motion detection security defense system for defending your cubicle, your food, your stapler and more. It's set up in three stages of alarms. Set up Alarm 1 to simply detect an unwanted visitor. When motion is detected, it will blare it's warning alarm, flash it's red light and wirelessly arm Alarms 2 & 3. Alarm 2 has now activated it's laser trip wire and if the beam is broken, it blares its alarm even louder. If the intruder hasn't fled in terror yet and decides to go for your stuff anyway, they will be blasted by Alarm 3 with missiles. Although, this is just a toy defense system and nobody actually explodes, it's still funny during a boring day at the office. Great gadget for kids playing "spy" as well.



  • Alarm 1 - Sound and light alarm; arms Alarms 2 & 3
  • Alarm 2 - Louder sound and light alarm; spots intruder with a red dot
  • Alarm 3 - Fires two foam missiles at intruder

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